My name is Lucia Chuviliaeva, I was born in St. Petersburg.
I have been drawing since childhood and the people around me, as a rule, were artists or designers.
As far back as I can remember, I loved to fantasize about getting into different worlds
and always tried to transfer these dreams to paper, to portray the funny creatures that I invented.
I started by trying to draw some harsh creatures with tails and fangs, and over time
I began to gravitate more and more towards cute and funny characters …
and after the birth of my daughter, I became quite kinder and now I draw only plump and
funny creatures that surround the little girl Sasha – my baby. I named my characters Moozoriki,
this word came from the fact that music always sounds in my house, and my household is my muses.
A couple of years ago I painted oil paintings, but I didn’t get to watercolors, but now, on the contrary,
I perform almost all my works in this technique, which makes me very happy with its freshness
and lightness!
Watercolor stains are always so amazing and varied, the process of painting becomes meditative
and sophisticated … this state harmonizes me.
The main thing for me in my work is development, I try to gradually improve the drawing technique
and diversify my world with all the new characters.